Tiff bio picDr. Tiffany Freeman is a Registered Acupuncturist, a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor, and a Registered Clinical Herbalist (American Herbalist Guild). Along with her clinical practice she is also an instructor, author and educator. She is the Co-founder/Director of the Lodgepole School of Wholistic Studies in Calgary Alberta, teaching a variety of courses in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Western Herbology, assessment techniques, Wild Rose College of Natural Healing curriculum and Traditional Native teachings.

Tiffany graduated from the Wild Rose College of Natural Healing in 2004 with a diploma in Clinical Herbology, there she was grateful to have mentored under Dr. Terry Willard Ph.D and to be an instructor at the college from 2004 to 2011. In 2009 She obtained her Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine diploma from the Calgary College of TCM & Acupuncture and her Alberta Acupuncture Licensure. She is a professional member of the American Herbalists Guild, the Alberta Association of TCM Doctors, and the College and Association of Acupuncturists of Alberta. Along with her professional endeavours Tiffany has spent over a decade mentoring in the ways of Traditional Native Healing and ceremony with her Cree Elder and other traditional medicine teachers.

In clinical practice her passion lies in traditional medicine and therapies that connect us to a deeper healing. She is always learning and studying adjunctive therapies to better provide for her patients needs, currently she is studying the art of Ortho-Bionomy  In the clinic her primary focus is on Herbal preparations & Master Tung Ching Chang’s acupuncture and therapies. Tung’s acupuncture points are often referred to as ‘magic’ as they provide effective and quick relief with a minimal amount of needles.

Tiffany incorporates her teachings and traditional values as a person of Cree First Nations descent with her studies and practice of Traditional Chinese and Western herbal medicine to create a truly wholistic healing experience for her patients.  She is an educator, practitioner, mother of two, and an avid admirer of nature.

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Clinic Location

Sincere Acupuncture Clinic
#102- 117 17th ave NE
Calgary Alberta


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